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Latest Collections of Your Favorite Designers

19 May 2013

Latest Collections of Your Favorite Designers

Here is a look at three of the most significant and exciting new urban fashion designers. These artists are changing the game through their innovative and creative style work. Keep a close watch for the latest fashion lines this year in order to get the full scoop on your favorite fashion designers.

1. Marc Bouwer
Marc Bouwer was born in South Africa, who now resides in New York City. Bouwer has received numerous awards and recognition for his line of fashion. One of the most distinctive aspects of his fashion line is that he adamantly refuses to use any animal products whatsoever.

2. Selita Ebanks
Selita Ebanks was born in the Cayman Islands. Her work as a model has immensely influenced her fashion career. She is best known for her work with Victoria Secret, Neiman Marcus, Ralph Lauren and Vogue. She continues to run a talent school in the Cayman Islands, in addition to career in acting and modeling.

3. Brian Lichtenberg
Brian Lichtenberg is one of Los Angeles’ premiere contemporary fashion designers. His work specializes in cutting edge fashion with an impressive list of clients, including Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and more.

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