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Hottest New Designers this Upcoming Season

27 July 2012

As soon as the weather changes, so does the fashion trend. This year’s hottest fashion trends prove to be of great style. With the weather still warm during the day, and cooling off at night, many of the fashions can be converted for both environments. One of the biggest seen trends is that of the floral dresses. These dresses are available in many different colors, adding a bit of a feminine touch to everyone’s wardrobe. The dresses are lightweight and flow perfectly amongst ones body. When the weather starts to cool down at night, another trendy piece of apparel can be added to this ensemble.

The hip and trendy jean jacket is the perfect addition to the floral dress. Making an appearance back in the fashion world, jean jackets are gaining quick popularity. Once thought of as a thing of the past, they are now becoming a thing of the future. Jean jackets can be found in different fades of jean material, along with different accessories found on them. They are available as long sleeved, or as sleeveless. With so many cute outfits this season, the jean jacket is a great addition to complete the outfit for a night out.

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