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Best Flip Flops for the Fashion Conscious

23 July 2012

Flip flops have become a fashion staple all around college campuses and large cities. They have been a big hit with teens and young adults for many reasons: they come in a variety of colors and styles, they are easy to slip on and go, and they look great with a wide array of outfits. However, if you like the look but prefer a less casual vibe, there are options out there for you. Instead of the basic plastic and rubber flip flops that come in solid colors, opt for flip flops made out of leather. There are also designers that add on beads, charms, and jewels, making the sandal look much more sophisticated. If leather is not your thing, there are plastic flip flops that come in different patterns. Different colors on the sandal are fun, flirty, and much more trendy than the basic solid color flip flop. Animal prints are always a great idea. From zebra print to snake skin flip flops, you can literally talk a walk on the wild side with these cute patterns. Strive to stand out! The perfect flip flop can instantly change your entire outfit when you pick classic leather or bright patterns.

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