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Trends We Love and Trends We’d Love to Never Come Back

21 July 2012

2012 has brought many new interesting trends onto the fashion scene. Some are completely new while others are come backs all the way from the 40′s to the 90′s. One trend from the 80′s are leggings. Leggings have become increasingly popular since 2005. They can be worn as pants or under skirts and dresses. At first, many were hesitant because the trend was reminiscent of big hair and blue eyeshadow. However, it is apparent that leggings are here to stay. They are comfy, cute, and look great dressed up or down! One trend that made a huge flop was the high-waist jean short. Seen on a variety of celebrities out and about, the trend stems from the 90′s when high waist jeans and shorts were abundant. The look didn’t hit. The main reason for this is because it isn’t very flattering. The style highlights the hip and stomach, a common problem area for women. Needless to say, the high waist jean short’s entrance was quite short-lived. One last trend that also found its way into the closet of many women is the skinny jean. Their introduction into the fashion world was around 2006. It is either a love/hate style. There’s no in between with the skinny jean! Trends come and go; now however, several have made successful long term comebacks with the 2000 generation.

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