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Current Trends in the Urban Fashion World

17 July 2012

Some of the hottest looks on the runway this season have already hit the streets. Some key pieces are shorts to beat the summer heat. Opt for colorful jean shorts like yellow or green and add on a simple patterned top with cute sandals for an effortless yet chic look. Patterned shorts are also hot. Pair busy patterns like flowered or plaid with solid tees. Cut off denim shorts have also been very popular this season. The denim on denim look works well if you wear a button down jean shirt. Making sure the two denim pieces are different shades; this will update your outfit. Shift dresses are also fresh and fun. Wear either a solid color or patterned dress with bold heels in order to make a statement. It’s perfect to wear out for lunch or dinner, and this style can be dressed up for the evening or down during the day. Long, flowing skirts have also been popular. Wear them with a fitted tank top and flats for a casual day look. You can even tuck in a button down denim shirt for a fresh appearance. Luckily, these summer’s looks are comfy and will definitely keep you cool!

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